Time to Take your chess to the Next Level?

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What You’ll Get On This 2 Weeks Chess Challenge

60+ chess puzzle for you

Each day you get a handful of puzzles that suite the theme of the day.

A new, fun way to learn chess

Forget about long books and computer variations for now. Solve the tasks and get rewarded with


Consistency is key in this course

The most important part to becoming a really good chess player is not talent, intuition or luck. It's consistency in training and playing, and that's what you're getting here. We simply help you get into the habit of training chess.

The creators

Sofie and Uno


FIDE rating: 1813

I started playing chess when I was a kid. After a long break  started again 5 years ago and went on to train the kids in my chess club. My chess style is pretty aggressive. ☑️


FIDE rating: 2155.

I got into chess in high school and decided to join a chess club after graduating. My chess style is dynamic and solid.